The Ayres Tax Seminars Workbook provides valuable and pertinent tax information in a clear and concise layout. Each seminar attendee receives a copy of this book, which includes more than 300 pages of invaluable information.

Major topics are indexed to allow quick location of the main areas of interest. The book is updated yearly to cover the latest tax information that you need to know.

If you can't make it to a seminar, or you just want extra copies, the price is $90.00 each, plus tax, shipping and handling, place your order using the seminar registration form - just leave the seminar details blank. Better yet, participate in a seminar and get a workbook included in the price!

Quickfinder© Handbooks provide a valuable resource for the tax professional that saves many hours of reading and research. Each Quickfinder Handbook includes cross-referenced IRS Code Sections and Publications.

There are three different Quickfinder publications available at a special discount price for Ayres Tax Seminar customers.

1040 Quickfinder Handbook

Small Business Quickfinder Handbook

All States Quickfinder Handbook

Quickfinder Tax Tables (Individual)

Quickfinder Tax Tables (Business)

Shipping for all others (any quantity)







Note: Cut-off date for ordering Quickfinder Handbooks and other products is December 15th and are shipped by January 15th. All-State handbook orders are shipped mid-February.

Place your order on the seminar registration form when you register for a seminar, or give us your order when you attend. If you can't make it to a seminar just leave the seminar details blank.

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