What Our Participants Are Saying

Thank you so much for the timely and extremely helpful
[email] update. You just secured a lifetime seminar
attendee along with my staff of 5 others.

CPA with 20 years experience, 1st year attendee -- Akron

The information I received at your seminar was not
presented at other sessions I attended. Book was well-
prepared and so was the presenter.

CPA with 30 years experience -- Toledo

Have been enjoying Ayres presentations for at least 15
years. I like his injection of humor and common sense
approach to complicated tax issues.

Enrolled Agent with 20 years experience -- Cleveland

Excellent material for reference as well as excellent format
of material. Easy to follow. One of the best I've ever

Enrolled Agent with 28 years experience -- Youngstown

Ayres Tax Seminars
PO Box 430
Maineville, OH, 45039
937-408-8799 (phone)
844-337-7149 (fax)

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